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noblespirit (4574), J. Cortese Rare Coins & Stamps
Innovative Marketing

When business gets competitive, it is even more imperative to sell your customers on why they should be buying from you. Nobody knows that better than volume eBay PowerSeller NobleSpirit, operated by industry veteran Joe Cortese.

Cortese has developed scores of innovative marketing strategies to increase the visibility and credibility of his auctions. First and foremost, he actively uses eBay's Bold and Highlight features to gain wider exposure for his wholesale-priced coin lots, sold in sets and singles.

He also starts all of his auctions at $0.01, no reserve, which he aggressively markets in all of his listings. "No reserve is the essence of auctioneering," explains Cortese. "The more we can encourage people to sell at no reserve on eBay, the more excitement there will be."

"Sell as much interesting content in as diverse a number of categories as possible," says Cortese. "More listings equals more traffic. You must have sufficient traffic to attempt no reserve." Cortese accomplishes this with eBay's List in Two Categories feature.

NobleSpirit's professional listing template also warrants study. For customer convenience, each listing also features handsome links to a custom "Photo Gallery," a company news page (with spots on current and upcoming listing events), the eBay Store, and shipping and payment explanations.

Thanks to the news feature, each auction is like "a regular newsletter," says Cortese.

What's next for NobleSpirit? It is developing a proprietary condition-report system. Soon, buyers will be able to order condition reports from a listing in real time.

"It is a give and take situation," says Cortese. "One must invest in eBay before one can expect to reap the rewards."


These ten coins categories had the best sell through this month. In other words, they're hot -- try selling them yourself.

1. Australian Mint Sets
2. Korean Paper Money
3. U.S. Mint Sets
4. Tokens: Civil War
5. German Paper Money
6. U.S. Gold Bullion
7. Lincoln Wheat Cents
8. Barber Dimes
9. U.S. Small Size Notes
10. Military Payment
Paper Money

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