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 NobleSpirit Newsletter - The Future of Asset Class Investment Stamps On eBay -
 July Million Dollar Auction







The Future of Asset Class Investment Stamps On eBay

Even the staunchest enthusiast collector could be forgiven for contemplating, 'how such a tiny flimsy piece of paper can be worth so much'. There is always something about the stratospheric price a rare stamp will often easily command that one would expect the pragmatic among us compelled to articulate distinct sentiments of bewilderment. When the recent H.R. Harmer's sale of the much anticipated Blue Boy Alexandria failed to sell beyond its starting bid, one could not hope to wonder at what point should disappointment set in when a sloppy hand scissored miniscule speck of paper on an envelope can only fetch a seven figured $1.2 million dollars! 

One stamp does not tell the whole story. It was the rest of the Erivan Collection sale that proved to be spectacular by virtue of the powerful trend exhibited. Rare Pony Express, Confederate Provisionals, early US Classics easily commanded outstanding multiples of their reasonable estimates, in many cases 10x or more. 


How does a discussion regarding a sale by a traditional auction house relate to eBay?

At NobleSpirit, we have some considerable experience selling stamps for some of the highest prices realized (by anyone on or off eBay). We have engaged the flow of elite material to and from every direction.


The flow of material, collectors, investors and dealers between eBay and alternative venues is very closely linked. Whereas traditional mainstream stamp industry models were once the norm, it is eBay that now commands the stamp collecting community's attention. Of course, noteworthy stars shine above the rest in the fragmented world outside the eBay marketplace. However, it is eBay that consistently yields an astronomical number of stamps sold every day to an equally massive number of buyers and sellers whom visit and revisit the site many multiple times a day. More dealers of legendary repute arrive on board at eBay every day for this very reason to access those numbers. Some to diversify, or amplify, others to transition their core business onto the global eBay distribution network. It is this level of retention that is no doubt unprecedented, however more importantly the clear path to the way forward for the future. Fragmentation is too complex, consolidation as counterintuitive as it may sound, assuredly the path of least resistance.


Our July Million Dollar Auction includes some marvelous world class rarities for the astute investor:




NobleSpirit RARE! Philippines 1943 "Guerrilla Postal Service" Complete Sheet Of 25!
With only a handful of mint, intact sheets thought to exist this "Free Philippines Guerrilla Postal Service" 25x 2¢ stamp sheet is a true rarity on the market! Our example boasts fresh color, intact roulette perforations and margins all around.  The original gum still remains, lightly disturbed and very lightly hinged in the margins leaving little to no evidence of any attachment.  
Stamp History:  The Guerrilla Postal Service stamps were printed in Australia during World War II.  They were issued to the Guerrilla Forces participating in the Black Ops Program on the Island of Mindanao under the leadership of Colones Wendell Fertig.
Our Starting Price: $2,000

NobleSpirit Exciting CANADA No. 2 Prince Albert 6 Pence Mint Issue!
This key huge catalogue value issue is missing from the collection of too many philatelists worldwide!  Don't miss out on this opportunity to get a highly sought after stamp at such a low cost! This 6d, slate violet design is printed on laid paper, imperf, unwatermarked and is without gum. A partial re-backing as been attached by a previous owner to prevent thinning.
Our Starting Price:  $3,000
NobleSpirit Vibrant CANADA 1865 Bill Stamp Revenue On Card Plate PROOF Pairs From the collection of Kasimir Bileski!
From the collection of renowned philatelist Kasimir Bileski comes these beautiful examples of Canadian revenue Proofs. Kept from the mishandling of collectors and dealers for years (possibly decades) these pairs are vibrant and free from damage!  The set consists of 17 values (1¢-$3) as imperf pairs of India Paper Proofs mounted on card.  They are printed in their issued colors with the exception of the 20¢ revenue which was issued in the color of blue rather than the dark brown of the proof.  This set comes with brief notes by Kasimir Bileski!
Our Starting Price:  $2,000
NobleSpirit Extremely RARE! Great Britain BOB O1 Mint Hinged Official Pair GEM XF =$70,000 CV! With Certificate!!
The limited printing of this Official issue makes singles are a rare find with pairs even more so!  Seen here is a Gem XF imperf pair with original gum and a hinge remnant. Each stamp watermarked with a small crown and lettered EG & EF respectively. The number of existence of this issue is unknown, you may not have many more opportunities to add this pair to your collection!
Stamp History:  The official stamp was never put to postal use due to the previous release of the Mulready envelopes and letter sheets. The design is very similar to that of the original Penny Black with few differences. The majority of the printings were destroyed in 1843, however just over twenty sheets managed to slip out! Some of the discarded issues were used by Rowland Hill to experiment with cancellations.
Our Starting Price:  $10,000
NobleSpirit Stunning Great Britain BOB O1 MNH Official 3x Trial Color PROOFS From Original Plate!
These vibrant proofs were created from the original plate of the final design but in the shades of Lake, Orange and Brown.  All three have pristine, original gum untouched by hinges and all margins fall well outside of the design.  They bear the letters DK in the lower corners and the typical VR in the upper corners replacing the Maltese crosses of the original Penny Black.
Our Starting Price: $8,000
NobleSpirit Unique New York To New York Round-The World Large Cover w/ Rare Hawaii Registration Label!
Featuring the Honolulu Hawaii registration label w/ "2866" (Only 7 known) applied by manual numbering machine, this round-the world cover has a lot to offer collectors!  The travel begins in New York on June 17, 1903 sent to Vancouver to San Francisco to Newfoundland to New Zealand to Hawaii to Hong Kong to Dutch West Indies to Colombo to Ceylon to Transvaal to England to British Guiana and finally completing it's trip in New York On June 14, 1904.  The cover itself is a heavy linen-lined envelope (about 12" by 5") and shows postmarks to all of the before mentioned destinations on either the front or back.  This remarkable piece of postal history predates most other round-the world covers of it's kind! A real treasure to be added to your collection!
Our Starting Price:  $2,000
NobleSpirit Superb 95 Canal Zone No. 157a Silver Bridge Omitted MNH w/ Certificate
Graded PSE SUPERB XF 95 This extraordinary example (one of only 50 in existence) boasts the finest known extant! As such, this particular example rightfully commands a comparable record price for the issue.  This stamp error is considerably undervalued for such a rare find both in catalog value and historical market presence.  The error is shown here side-by-side with key showing the intended printing of The Thatcher Ferry Bridge uniting the two continents in silver ink.
Our Starting Price: $7,000 



NobleSpirit } Stunning RoC CHINA 1355-58 MNH Blocks Of 6 EMPERORS Set =$3,150 CV


When was the last time you saw a set of China Emperors in blocks of 6?

Starting at $1,800 only!




NobleSpirit NO RESERVE Colossal 41 Vol $75-100,000 US + WW COIN CURRENCY Estate!



How about an 11 large carton, 41 volume, over 400 pound collection sold intact as one lot to the highest bidder at absolute NO RESERVE starting at 99c?

See 1,275 photos here:

       Over $15,000,000.00 million dollars worth of stamps and collections on eBay!

Click on our eBay NO RESERVE Auctions and eBay Store for an amazing and exciting journey to see millions of dollars worth of individual stamps and collections INTACT as received from the estate.




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