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 eBay's plans for conquest in a $14 trillion dollar opportunity

Much has been said since eBay's 20th Anniversary celebration just a couple of short days ago in all manner of conceivable media round the world. Every television, cable, print, Internet,news, social medium and otherwise covered the event, some in great indepth detail; no doubt, because eBay has had such a profound impact on so many lives. But also because it is poised like no other company in the world to transform much of e-commerce into commerce itself. When you tap into the nuclei of human co-existence, the world of interaction is your oyster. It's what happens before you even get to the relationship level. eBay's 20th Anniversary celebration was a showcase of this plasmic lifeblood manifestation.

Here's what wasn't said.

As most of you already know, this email is delivered to over 300,000 NobleSpirit customers, PESA members (Professional eBay Sellers Alliance)(A trade organization of 8,000 members who sell $30 billion in GMV annually founded in 2003), various opt-in subscribers, national and international media of every description, our sponsors, service providers and last but not least our numerous friends in the financial sector, both analysts and facilitators among them. It is to this last group that I address the following remark. If you are a connected with  financial sectors and you attended the eBay celebration the other day, there's really only one conclusion you can arrive at. Of the many of your notes that I've read in my inbox recently, I would urge anyone to seriously consider buying eBay stock asap!


Let's start at the top of this ground floor opportunity. Devin Wenig, eBay CEO delivered his keynote address which can be found at the above link. It is unparallelled by any that I've ever heard delivered at eBay and of the utmost importance of any message ever disseminated in the ecommerce space. I won't attempt to convey the quantifiable reasons expounded in Devin's presentation, the numbers in terms of eBay's historical achievements and future potential are literally too astronomical to fathom. Rather, think of eBay as the next big thing 20 years in the making and extrapolated into the future. eBay's place in the history of socio-economic civilization is etched is stone as surely as the cohesive bond the marketplace forms each day into perpetuity between the past, present and future, language and geography. Devin's focus on the atomic composition of the marketplace is as surgical as it is all encompassing. At the fireside chat with eBay's founder Pierre Omydiar, to hear Pierre speak was to be immersed in the journey of human endeavor and achievement that the core philosophy of eBay's fundamental corporate culture has brought to the world in the last 20 years.

Hal Lawton, eBay's new SVP of NA marketplace. His presentation provided an impressive demonstration of what world class leadership looks like. Along with his exciting new ideas ideas and specific plans to manage tactical executables, anyone who is that capable of coming up to speed that quickly in just 4 short months of his tenure is a pioneer destined to forge new territory on the ecommerce landscape.

Speaking of engagements, Jordan Sweetnam, SVP Seller Experience, and Laura Chambers SVP Trust, outlined in detail the specific structures of the new standards, tools, policies and community initiatives eBay introduced at the celebration. Bi-annual updates are nothing new at eBay. However, these were well beyond mere announcements. It was crystal clear to everyone in the audience that we were all witness to a deeply felt personal commitment by Laura and Jordan to enable business success regardless of eBay's necessary investment. Together with Hal, they intend to leverage the value of the community through the power of relationships and it's clear they will not rest until they do. We'll bring you more quick snap shots of eBay's leadership team and top level executives in newsletters to come.

Looking at the mass of unbridled passion, enthusiasm and energy in those conference halls, I can think of many companies that would give anything to be able to put that many clients in one room. The difference is that eBay knows sellers are not clients, they are, always have been, always will be, partners.

It was so wonderful to see so many long standing PESA members at the celebration. If I had to count, it was probably 200-300 hundred or more. I was also thrilled to speak with non PESA members who had knowledge of the organization and eager to know more about our future events and initiatives. At one of the last seller panels of the second day, the moderator asked the panel and audience what they [sellers] do to discover best practices and tap into the information they need to run their businesses. Continuity of flow of uniquely qualified knowledge, ideas, tools and resources has been the defining value proposition of PESA since 2003. PESA has held 18 major conferences here in the USA and Australia at which 1,000's of sellers worth billions of dollars in GMV have connected with each other.
In ways that are literally impossible to explore otherwise, at conferences, in forums, local meetings, through panels, presentations, roundtables, webinars, podcasts, video conferences and more, they have learned things they never even imagined they didn't know.

If you are a merchant interested in taking your business to the next level, please visit

---Next week we'll review some of our recent prices realized of our high value 5 and 6 figure collections sold on eBay, and we are working on producing a video tour of our staff and new facility for your information and enjoyment.


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The Noblespirit Team

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