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Generous extensions are readily provided to buyers who wish to obtain certificates for individual stamp lots. Simply notify us in advance or at the time of purchase and advise how much time you require to submit and obtain a certificate. Failures are refunded at 100% of the purchase price, plus shipping both ways only; actual certificate costs are not refunded.


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NobleSpirit Newsletter - How Sweet It Truly Is!


How sweet it truly is to be able to sell 5 and 6 figure stamp collections on eBay. Not so easy elsewhere, unless you’re prepared to pack your bags and travel thousands of miles to view first hand. Instead, the speed of the internet brings the largest collection, even a roomful of hundreds of albums to your computer screen.


Last week we sold 3 exciting high value collections in quick succession over just a couple of days, following a long line of similar high value stamp collection sales in the preceding weeks. Spectacular multi volume 30 volume and 100 volume Scott album collections.


The ability to supply ultra high value, certainly complex and quite subjective asset class investment grade stamp collections to an eager eBay global market, lies in our investments in technology and industry best practices to immerse the collector/investor in the total experience of the collection. The objective to provide the next best thing to being there, or better yet - better than being there.In nearly 20 years on eBay, we have learned well how to develop and deploy the photographic techniques and experiential strategy to showcase precisely what collectors are looking for, in the exact ways they want to see and experience it. The ability to incorporate 100’s, even 1,000’s of photos, and to execute information in focused digestible formats makes eBay unique. It’s about much more than differentiation or defensive strategy. As a brand, eBay’s strength is defined by a collective of individually strong brands. The more strong brands in the collective the more distinctive eBay’s strength. Moreover, the very latitude that allows brands to span their depth and breadth unencumbered, is manifest of that which many marketplaces have aspired to, but few achieved. For us in this passion, business and life pursuit of philately and numismatics, eBay is undoubtedly becoming the go-to place for stamps and coins.


We’re proud to say that in our partnership with the eBay marketplace, it is clear that we at NobleSpirit have not only penetrated the upper crust of the market, we have consistently shatter its glass ceiling with our strong repeat customers, daily, weekly and monthly and certainly with our consistent world record prices for stamps on eBay. In many cases, we have received demonstrable offers for individual stamps, coins and collections far in excess of traditional venues.


No one sells more high value stamp collections on eBay than we do at NobleSpirit


NobleSpirit has again been selected as the featured merchant on eBay’s - main stamp category landing page. From there you may also navigate to eBay’s official Consignment Center, where you will again find us as eBay’s officially designated consignment seller for stamps.




When was the last time?

When was the last time you had the opportunity to acquire a complete (99.99%) SUPERB GEM MINT China PRC Stamp Collection? Suffice to say a collector/investor’s dream. This one won’t last long….$160,000




***VISIT OUR Prices Realized AT : NOBLESPIRIT.COM****

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NobleSpirit {8280} SUPERLATIVE GEM US MINT Stamp COLLECTION w/Certificates!


On those occasions when we have the distinct opportunity to make available an INTACT fresh to the market highly advanced US stamp collection, it doesn’t last long. Once you see this collection, priced at only $138,000 you will quickly appreciate why this one won’t last long either. Opportunities such as this are certainly becoming ever more scarce. No one sells more 6 figure stamp collections on eBay than we do at NobleSpirit.



NobleSpirit {conf} ONCE IN A LIFETIME Confederate Stamp & Cover COLLECTION !!!!

An astonishing collection with many great rarities such as POW's, provisionals, wallpapers and more on and off cover. With rare issues and usages acquired at no expense spared over a period of decades.


NobleSpirit {2013A} Meticulous Mint US 5 Volume Specialized Collection High CV!



***VISIT OUR Prices Realized AT : NOBLESPIRIT.COM****

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NobleSpirit {4452} SUPERLATIVE Finest INDIAN RESERVATION Collection Of Its KIND!


Less than 2 or 3 collectors on the entire planet may lay claim to ownership of some of great world class rarities, in what may arguably be called the finest Indian Reservation Stamp Collection ever to surface onto the market. If you’d like to be one of a mere handful of collectors. Priced to sell quickly at $55,000 and with best offer option made available for your consideration.


******* Auction Highlights This Week******
From over 5,500 Listings

Speaking of China and PRC, there is a massive quantity on offer at no reserve auction over the 4th of July week, along with premium US classics from No1, 2, $5 Columbians, Trans-Miss, Pictorials, BOB, Revenue, Zeppelins and everything else collectors could hope for. Strong Canada, British Commonwealth, country collections...

***And much, much more .99 cent ABSOLUTE NO RESERVE AUCTIONS….see for yourself!



***VISIT OUR Prices Realized AT : NOBLESPIRIT.COM****

****VISIT OUR Newsletter Archives: NOBLESPIRIT.COM****


What can you expect to find this week in our eBay NO RESERVE auctions and store?
Prices range from (.01c no reserve) to $750,000.00.

US, world wide, specialized country collections with hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars in catalogue value. Latest additions include marvelous large multiples of US 1893 Columbian inscription plate blocks, along with incredible US gems of every issue and description. A vast array of premium Russia, including all the rare and desirable air mails, Zeppelins, and more. France and colonies exciting rarities and varieties, air mails and more. British and Commonwealth to stratospheric top shilling and pound values. Asia, South America varieties and much, too much to list. See for yourself….  



NobleSpirit {YH} Rare Unissued "Yellow Hat" H Postcard Rate Blk of 12 $27,500 CV
Everyone is talking about it. Every periodical is reporting on it. Here is your chance to acquire an astonishing Block of 12 (used!) rare as such and opportunity to act quickly before someone else does!



Look no further.

-You set the price when buying at absolute no reserve

-You are guaranteed  100% satisfaction when buying or selling

-You are at the center of the single most transparent consignment process on the planet.


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....each and every evening at 6pm EST


Noblespirit LLC

Box 366

Pittsfield, NH 03263


Thank you,

The Noblespirit Team



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