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NobleSpirit Newsletter  - Announcing The $1 Million Dollar Stamp Auction Sale --- NEXT 10 Days ONLY!


Why pay $10 million dollars for a postage stamp?

Or a coin,
or a car,
or a painting...?

It's about the passion, about the investment, and about so much more.

When there can be only one, here's a 10 day window on eBay to find your chance to achieve that unique world class challenge of a lifetime!


Auction starts: Thursday 3/29/18 at 8 am PST for 10 days only!

Click here:


          --------------         --------------        --------------       --------------       --------------

"Stamps have become an unlikely safe-haven investment against choppy markets, outperforming shares, property and gold..."

SOURCE: Daily Telegraph


           --------------         --------------        --------------       --------------       --------------

"During the height of the financial crisis in 2008, the GB30 index [which tracks the prices of Britain's 30 most expensive stamps available on the open market] went up by 38% in one year."



      --------------         --------------        --------------       --------------       --------------  

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 This is a mere sample partial list of the headliners to the hundreds of items for sale during this exclusive 10 day million dollar auction sale!



  Item picture  NobleSpirit No Reserve US 25A MH =$9,000 CV w/ PSE Cert (292492824189)

  Item picture  NobleSpirit GUAM Exhibition Lifetime Collection w/ Certs (372253722334)

  Item picture  NobleSpirit TIME CAPSULE Schaubek $1,700,000 MILLION Stam... (382416441729)

  Item picture  NobleSpirit CHINA PRC $1,600,000 Million MNH Dealer INVEN... (372253704754)

  Item picture  NobleSpirit No Reserve US 122 Mint LH =$12,000 CV w/ Cert (382416443668)

  Item picture  NobleSpirit No Reserve US 39 Used =$10,000 CV w/ Cert (382416442689)

  Item picture  NobleSpirit GREAT BRITAIN O1 Pair Official GEM XF =$70,00... (292492821088)

  Item picture  NobleSpirit Mexico $1,200,000 Million 698-706, C54-C61 MI... (382416439582)

  Item picture  NobleSpirit 780x GERMANY Colonies & Offices COVER Coll w/... (372253715965)


  Item picture  NobleSpirit AUSTRIA Lombardy Venetia 12a MOG LH =$12,000 ... (372253670335)


  Item picture  NobleSpirit NO RESERVE Choice GREAT BRITAIN 93 VFU Flawle... (372254323400)


  Item picture  NobleSpirit BRITISH GUIANA 6 Used =$6,750 CV w/ Cert! (372254341794)


  Item picture  NobleSpirit BRITISH GUIANA 14 Used =$25,000 CV w/ Cert! (382416487654)


  Item picture  NobleSpirit No Reserve US 241 $1 Columbian MNH =$3,400 CV... (372254325515)


  Item picture  Noblespirit COLOSSAL CV 41x WW ALBUM INTACT STAMP COLLECTION (372254291807)


  Item picture  NobleSpirit No Reserve US O68 Dept Of State Used w/ Cert ... (382416455453)


  Item picture  NobleSpirit BRITISH GUIANA 7 Used =$13,000 CV w/ Cert! (382416491766)


  Item picture  NobleSpirit NO RESERVE US Postmaster Provisional Bears 11... (382416457975)


  Item picture  NobleSpirit GEM MINT US SINGLES & PLT BLK COLL W/ ZEPPELI... (292492807431)


  Item picture  NobleSpirit No Reserve US R96a PROBATE OF WILL w/ Cert =$... (382416465018)


  Item picture  NobleSpirit GREENLAND 22a-27a Plt No Blks Of 4 XF MNH =$1... (292492857470)


  Item picture  NobleSpirit INDIAN RESERVATION Collection w/ Certs & TT D... (382415899023)


  Item picture  NobleSpirit Once in A Lifetime $750,000+ (3/4 Million Dol... (372253718968)



   Auction starts: Thursday 3/29/18 at 8 am PST for 10 days only!

Click here:



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-You set the price when buying at absolute no reserve
-You are guaranteed  100% satisfaction when buying or selling
-You are at the center of the single most transparent consignment process on the planet.

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you are one of over 110,000+ NobleSpirit customers,
in over 76 countries around the globe!
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....each and every evening at 6pm EST

Thank you,
The NobleSpirit Team

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