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Noblespirit Enterprise Software
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Create and Manage your Consignors

Manage all of your consignors by creating accounts for them. Keep track of their company information, contact information, assign default commission plans to them, and store any custom notes to help you remember important details about your consignors.

Manage your Consignor's Inventory and Listings

View a complete list of all of your consignors, add inventory to your consignors, and create eBay listings from your inventory items. Each inventory can have it's own commission plan. Meridian keeps track of all the associations for you automatically.

View a list of inventory items per consignor, filter by status, and print out a Payout report when you are ready to cut your consignor a check.

Create Complex Commission Plans

Create any number of complex commission plans, including flat-fee plans, sliding scale plans, and plans that specify who will be responsible for paying eBay and PayPal fees. Any plan can be assigned to any inventory item.

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